Canva - Eiffel Tower View in Foggy Weather

Are you planning for an Exciting Holiday in Paris? Paris is the most visited tourist attraction in the globe. Millions of tourists visit this city every year.

Paris is a dream Holiday destination with so many iconic sights that one visit is rarely enough. It is a vibrant city packed with high-fashion stores, exquisite terrace cafes, stunning boulevards to see. Paris is situated on the Seine River, this city enjoys a beautiful setting and offers an unending list of famous most iconic attractions are situated here, including the Eiffel Tower and Musée du Louvre.

This city is magical, awe-inspiring and gives you enough reasons to visit it often.

Must-see Sights and Landmarks

Eiffel Tower


Canva - Photo of Two Women Posing in Front of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France during Day Time

Paris without Eiffel Tower is unthinkable. Make it a starting point of your trip. Eiffel Tower is a crowd-puller all-year-round. It was built by Gustav Eiffel, which is 1000 feet (304.8 m) tall, and you can take an elevator to the tip. Watch the tower in all its glamour at night. It is the symbol of Paris, and it would be a crime to not at any rate pass by and take its photo.

Louvre Museum


A vacation in Paris is cannot be complete without a visit to the Louvre Museum; It is the home to the best and finest of European masterpieces. This museum has a collection of social civilization artifacts that date backs to a million years ago. Louvre Museum is the world’s biggest museum; it houses the famous ‘Mona Lisa painting’ and ‘The iconic Louvre Pyramid’. This museum is surrounded by world-class restaurants and entertainment facilities as a resting place after a complete holiday.

Seine River Cruise

Canva - Cruise Ship

Enjoy this encounter and you will understand why Paris is called as “city of lights” and “romance”.


Notre Dame de Paris

Canva - Low-angle Photography of Notre Dame

It is situated on the Ile de la Cité. Before the Eiffel Tower was assembled Notre Dame de was the main attraction in Paris. You cannot miss this place in France. It consists of two lofty towers plus a spire, which makes it one of the richest in French Gothic culture. The view of Gothic carvings, windows, windows would be awe- inspiring.


Centre Pompidou

Canva - Paris, Architecture, France, Center Pompidou, Building

It is a complex building in Beaubourg. This is one of the most visited places in France as it hosts one of the modern museums in Europe, a huge movie theatre, and other world exhibitions. It will create a memorable vacation as it is a self-centered locality with an array of famous restaurants and nightlife activities.



Canva - Paris, Sacre Cour, Church, Montmartre, France, Religion

It is a beautiful hillock located north of Paris. Montmartre is known for white-domed Basilica and the bustling Square of Tertre, This highland attracts abundant of tourists over the years. It is covered with Quite and beautiful streets, full of artists and shops. This road uphill guide to the Sacré-Coeur church. It is the highest point in Paris; the church is spectacular and gives a panoramic view of the bustling city.




Sacré-Coeur is a Roman Catholic Church. It is situated at the highest point of the Montmartre Hill. It is directly behind the Notre-Dame church building. The view from this building is just stunning.


Paris Catacombs


Catacombs in Paris are one of the most popular sites. Holding the remains of nearly six million people, the underground ossuary of Catacombs of Paris is the “World’s largest grave”.


Canva - Disney, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Paris, Theme

When in Paris reclaim your childhood. This is said to the happiest place on Earth. Disneyland is located 30 km away from city. This is the place where every childhood dream comes true.

The above mentioned places in Paris will surely make a mark on your life. Once you have visited the ‘city of lights’, you will certainly want to come back again and again. A trip to Paris will make for one of the most cherished Holiday experiences in a whole lifetime.


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